We love nature and in particular our own homeland with its profound values ​​it expresses for us. We live in this exceptional environment and it asks us to take care of it with thoughtful slowness - it is a masterpiece grown over millennia, this sense of history is what it’s telling us to take care for. Walking, biking, hiking; we are interested in providing a means to explore this landscape more intimately, to live it intensely, as with a bicycle that still needs our efforts, even though it assists us with an electric motor for the toughest climbs.

We want to share the fun of exploring the National Park, the Casentino valley and other neighboring territories with our latest generation E-bikes: light, practical and easy to use. We have tested several routes, one more beautiful than the other; different in length, required skills and duration. A trained guide is leading on every journey, letting you experience your emotions hassle-free.

Be curious, give yourself some time. We are waiting for you!

Massimo Schiavo. I have started this activity to share the beauty of what I have discovered with you; and I am still discovering. I like the dynamics of the bicycle, but above all the well-being "in" nature - to live and let live. Certified MTB Guide.

Leonardo Chirivì. Road and off-road cycling enthusiast, this year he has been awarded the E-bike tour guide certificate from the National Mountain Bike Association. He lives in Stia and loves his own homeland and mountains.

Info & Booking: Enrico +39 3406935150 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.