It is the only forest National Park in Italy. Vast (36’000 hectares), intact (Europe’s most important integral natural reservation) with it’s unique biodiversity. Find out more on the website :


The Casentino

is the valley where the river Arno has its source. Its main morphological characteristic is to be a "closed valley" (the name stems from the latin Clausentinum). In the north the natural barriers of Mount Falco and Falterona (over 1600 meters). Precisely this "closed" morphology has kept this Apennine valley virtually untouched, with its superb and partly wild nature.

Casentino is also a historical „jewel box“ - to visit it, means encountering Etruscan ruins, stories and ancient pilgrim-paths, rich Middle Age, lived and told by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The testimonials of old parsonages (pieve) and castles, spread all over the valley.

Lastly, the thousandfold ties of spirituality with nature is quite special. Romualdo decided in 1012 to settle here, and founded Camaldoli. St. Francis chooses La Verna as his hermitage and retreat: He received stigmata in 1224 here. The Camaldoli Monastery and the La Verna Sanctuary are among todays most important spiritual centers, where the nature surrounding them speaks to anyone, of any faith, believers or non-believers.


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