Advice and tips

No special advance preparation is required to take part in one of our E-bike tours. It is however essential to be able to ride a bicycle and have good sense of balance. As a general indication, those who have trekking experience or are able to go on a 1 day hike can easily take uphill climbs and descents riding on our E-bike!


Here's what we recommend to enjoy the tour with us:

  • Cyclists shorts. It is important to wear these special cyclists shorts helping you to sit firmly in the saddle and cushioning the roughness of the terrain and so preventing lower back pain. You can also use special underwear (slip or boxer) with padding, that can be worn comfortably under any type of pant.
  • Clothing. Appropriate according to the season: lightweight outerwear that can be worn in layers over each other, adjusting to the days temperature. Indispensable is a windproof jacket (ideal in Goretex) or alternatively a fleece jacket, a good K-Way. Remember that our tours take place in the Appenine mountains at altitudes from 400 to 1500 meters!
  • Shoes. You do not need specific cycling shoes. Recommended are sneakers or trekking boots with a rigid and not smooth sole. Glossy shoes with high heels? No way!
  • Glasses. They are indispensable to protect yourself from the sun but especially from insects and branches (we are often in the woods!).
  • Backpack. To carry your personal belongings we recommend a small / medium sized backpack (ideal 25/30 liters). On request Casentinoebike can serve you with a waterproof carrying bag (capacity 20 liters)
  • Food. Our tours normally include a break at a snack bar or restaurant where you can buy lunch or eat your own snack. Indispensable is a canteen or bottle of water (at least ½ liter). We recommend taking with you an energy bar or high calorie snack to be eaten in case of "hunger attack"
  • Helmet. The helmet is provided free of charge by Casentinoebike and is mandatory for participation on our tours. If you own one, bring it along.
  • Cycling gloves. They are not necessary but if you have got gloves, wear them